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APRIL 5, 2013

In All Wellness ...

A few of our Kovert Hawkins' staff share our "Wellness Story"  in the April 2013 Issue of "Southern Indiana Fitness Source" Magazine.

... Well, Well, Well .... What goes in, must come out.  At least that's what they say.  So it's no surprise that more and more employers are raising the bar when it comes to employee wellness - operating on the theory that the healthier and happier their employees, the higher the productivity and the better the product they produce.  In order to reach that pinnacle, more employers are offering incentives to make it easy for employees to live healthier lives, and more and more employees are taking them up on the offer.

The Kovert Hawkins Article 

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Indiana Energy Code-Trade Off Method Opinion: "A memo by John Hawkins, prepared at the request of the Indiana Fire and Building Services Commission, regarding whether the Trade-Off Method in ASHRAE 90.1-2007 was allowed under the Indiana Energy Code.